Sunday, 21 April 2013

Culture Exchange 2

Mississippi and yes Mississippi such a beautiful, such a beautiful and polite people.

Brandy and Beth are two dear sister from Mississippi

this is my fisrt christams ever, since I am muslim girl we are not allowed to practice it
but we can believe in it . I did not practice it i just was there to see how things were
in christmas and it was beautiful, I loved the tree, lights, colors... I even wore like
christams colors as you can see ( red, green, some white) 

Mississippi look to the christams tree in Tunisia made by Mississippi's beautiful
people. look to the happiness, the beautiful cat, their smiles and the good feeling can
feel it 
Mississippi it is all because of you :D

That cat hehehhe the sweetiest ever :D

Monday, 1 April 2013

Culture Exchange 1

This is me (Nounou Kal Lee) a normal Tunisian girl Different from others different in thinking, goals, style, and they way I live.


I myself like "Communication" with the people at the society, real life or virtual life.


I had really beautiful time when I met many people from different cities, religion and culture.
It is one of the most beautiful interesting things I am living now ... right now 

This is Patri My beloved sis crazy dude ever funny and we have alot in common like fun crazy ideas..FoodLovers lol...  and both criminals :D
Love her so much I cried when we said goodbye at the airport when she left to her hometown Poland
shity beautiful head miss u :D and I hope u find ur Jack in Hell ;) u know what I mean muwahh biz

She gave me her hometown flag and when I look at it I can not stop laughing about coffe shop memories and alot alot of different memories ....I will talk about that later on

Patri and Nounou


That was the second time we met for a coffee and get to know each other ... the first time we met it was cray .. I met her at a coffee shop she come with some friends and they started to speak arabic and being  non international, she was innocent ( lol she is but in cute way hehe ) so i started to talk and it was chemistry from  the first time bewteen two crazy girls heaven made sisters :D

Yeah so high from laughing lol 

This is such a beautiful coffee shop tradional one, we hang out here :D

this madina full of memories with her

our coffee, the traditional one
she stays in the sun side and I stay in the shadow side .. lol .. I  don't like sun :D

this is HER PatrI PaTrI :D
such a stylish bealutiful heart girl


This is Me :D Nounou Street Style
such a beautiful day :)
Peace to Patri :*

This is in Kerkennah the island in Tunisia ... we went together there with some other friends
VIVRE EN PAIX AVEC TOUT LE MONDE = Live in peace with the world

This Patri, Kasti and Kadri and Me

This me lol

In Kerkennah 

Kasti and me .... Kasti is from Germany where my parents are living right now... she is here in internship like all of them .... teaching english and frensh...
Kasti is an active girl Funny and s kind :D
we had alot of funky and good times together eating .. hangng out .... talking evil about people lol ... :D

This picture was taken in the ship that takes us to kerkennah .. here we are sitting with the Captin from Kerkennah :D

Patri and me lol 

I found this beautiful dog on our way to sfax .. such a sweetheart 

Me in the Captin chair :D

Kasti ( Germany ) and me ( Tunisia )